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The KD Hall Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization in Seattle Washington that provides opportunities to women and girls for economic advancement, as well as personal and professional development. Kela and David Hall founded KD Hall Foundation in October 2015, since its inception they have been extremely impactful across the corporate and private sectors and the community at large. David’s experience in human resources and his knowledge of labor law management and employment law are what make him essential to the growth of the organization. Kela Hall’s background in production and network has helped her promote her organization and highlight the community’s needs to support them.


This foundation is committed to providing resources, scholarships, mentorships, and workshops that focus on encouraging, inspiring and propelling the communities they serve.  KD Hall is about the growth and evolution for women, girls and male allies in their community.


College Students can join KD Hall in our annual summer apprenticeship/internship programs to develop their portfolio with experiential learning. Public relations, campaigns, communication projects including documentaries and short features are just some of the most attractive projects for the summer team.



about us
our purpose

KD Hall Foundation is an incubator to prepare the workforce. We connect young adults with the current workforce and mentor opportunities. All young adults will leave KD Hall Foundation with a portfolio that supports their academic learnings and future career. We help the current workforce succession plan and prepare for the next generation of professionals.


KD Hall Foundation mission is to help women and young girls prepare for the workforce and provide opportunity, support, mentors and sponsors.


KD Hall will be a leading global organization that leads the way with a blueprint for countries, colleges and corporations on providing gender equality, leadership opportunities, mentorships, networks and conferences to highlight and show women represented in leadership positions.


K.D. Hall Foundation was recognized by the City of Seattle, Kent, Renton and Tukwila 10 times between September 2016-Septemebr 2017 for being a leader in women initiatives through proclamations.


Governor Jay Inslee Greetings and Acknowledgement in 2016 for our work with Girls and Women initiatives.


 Summer 2016 and Summer 2017 KD Hall supported 24 college students through an experiential based internship on how to start a nonprofit which included a statewide digital public relations campaign with community and corporate leaders. Completion of Discovering You! documentary and execution of the inaugural and 2nd annual Women on the Rise conference. 21 students out the 24 students graduated.


Fall 2016 KD Hall Foundation was selected on a National search to attend a private White House meeting for STEM initiatives for women and girls and was charged with a statewide call to action that will be implemented in spring 2018 with 2 school districts in the State of Washington.

why join us as a member?

KD Hall is a place where women and girls come for leadership and workforce development. We have three areas of expertise.


Small to large organizations can take an advantage of our 2019quarterly meetings, community building projects, and skills to strength their business and brand and economic development.

quarterly member meetings

Member meetings including a guest corporate speaker at each meeting facilitating a conversation and short group discussions around sexual harassment prevention, crucial conversations, women's health, women's finances, conflict management and creating a culture of problem solvers are some of the topics that will be covered. Time allotted for networking with participants and vendors and light refreshments.

college programs

Women in college can join one of KD Hall 's two yearly apprenticeship/internship programs to develop their portfolio with experiential learning, public relations campaigns, communication projects including documentaries and short feature are just some of the most attractive projects our Summer and Winter teams will contribute to.

k-12 programs

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